– About the Book –

Dartmoor Tors Compendium combines outstanding photography and detailed factual information for every tor on Dartmoor (as named by Ordnance Survey and on freely accessible land).  Using an alphabetical order and reference map, each of the 155 tors is depicted over a double spread with photographs, a fact-file and well-researched text.


Many books have been written about Dartmoor.  This book is different.  It brings together the features and history around each tor and presents them as a compendium of information, illustrated with inspiring photography to provide an engaging experience.  In short, Dartmoor Tors Compendium allows the reader to explore all the Dartmoor tors in one sumptuous book.


Published in Devon by Tavicinity Publishing.

– About the Author –

Josephine Collingwood is a professional photographer who has lived in or around Dartmoor National Park since 1983 and has a profound love of Dartmoor.  Over the years she has produced a series of stunning photographs depicting Dartmoor’s unique and beguiling landscape and its ubiquitous tors.  More recently, she has undertaken extensive research into the area surrounding each tor, including its history, archaeology and geology.  In this book, she has combined her photography and research to produce a unique compendium of information and imagery for every named tor on Dartmoor.


When not walking, camping, climbing or rescuing people on Dartmoor with the Dartmoor Search & Rescue Group, Josephine works as a professional architectural and interior photographer (Collingwood Photography) and as an author and publisher of books and poster art. (Tavicinity Publishing).

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